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Using the Support Site Home is the new central hub for technical support and systems alerts for the OpenCCCApply applications and staff tools (CCC Administrator and Report Center).

Designed to provide 24/7, on demand, self-service support for California Community Colleges administrators and staff, it's also monitored by Tech Center support technicians and SMEs across all system-wide technology applications.

Support requests will no longer be handled directly by the Tech Center outside of the support site. To submit a request for support, visit the site today and register for an account. Ask questions, peruse the Conversations, be sure to "Follow" the CCCApply System Alerts category page to stay informed. Visit today!

Report a Bug or Incident

If you identify a bug, have a support issue, or are unable to access the OpenCCCApply applications, the Administrator tool, or the CCC Report Center, please visit immediately and see if the issue has already been reported by another college. If there is no pre-existing post related to the incident or issue, sign in and post your issue as a question, idea, problem, or suggestion to the Category related to your issue.


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All incoming support posts made to site are reviewed and triaged by Tech Center support technicians, Monday - Friday, 7:00 am - 4:00 pm, to determine if the issue pertains to all colleges or is unique to your college or system. In any case, all posts will be answered via a reply to the post so that all colleges can benefit from the official response. Often times the response will provide enough information to solve similar issues for other colleges.

Support Issue Triage

If the support technician identifies that the issue pertains specifically to your college, it will be answered in the post and will be transferred to the OpenCCC Staff Support Issue Tracking System, powered by Zendesk. This will ensure transparency and allow the college to communicate privately with CCC support representatives until the issue is resolved.

Alternate Support Process

In the event the online support site is unavailable, please follow this alternate procedure for OpenCCCApply support:

Step 1

  • College A&R staff members should first call the California Community Colleges Help Desk call center at 1-877-247-4836.
  • For verification purposes, the CCC Help Desk will always need to call the staff member back at the college A&R office.

Step 2

  • A phone number has been created for the exclusive use of college A&R staff (530-487-4113). The caller should leave a detailed message with their name, position title, and office phone number. A Help Desk administrator at the CCC Technology Center will call the staff member back at the phone number provided. For verification purposes the CCC Help Desk administrator will always need to call the staff member back at the college A&R office.