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OpenCCC SignIn 4002017 Annual Update

The 2017 CCCApply Annual Update release will deploy to students in the Production environment on Friday, March 31, 2017.

The 30-Day Pilot Preview release is scheduled for Wednesday, March 1, 2017.  The Pre-Release 6.0 Notes Summary is available now in the CCCApply Public Documentation space. 

Visit the Documentation page for the latest version of the CCCApply Data Dictionaries and User Guides


Schedule of 2017 Release Activities

The schedule for the 2017 Annual Update release activities is outlined in the table below. Similar to most years, the 2017 release was scheduled for a Friday evening at the end of March. Thre release schedule was posted on the College Support Site on February 3, 2017. Read the new CCCApply communication policy.

  • Annual Update release date announced: Feb 3, 2017, 8:00AM
  • Code freeze, regression & automated testing: Feb 14, 6:00PM
  • Pre-Release Notes posted on Support Site: Feb 17, 8:00AM
  • Pilot Site Release - 30 Day Preview: March 1, 6:00PM
  • Pilot Data Dictionaries posted; new data fields: March 1, 6:00PM
  • Pilot Download Client Transfer Files available: March 1, 6:00PM
  • Production Release: March 31, 6:00PM

NOTICE: On March 31, 2017 between 6:00PM - 11:00PM, the CCCApply Applications, OpenCCC Student Account, and the BOG Fee Waiver Application will be OFFLINE during the release activities.

For general information about the annual CCCApply Update, and/or the CCCApply change management approval process, see the CCCApply Annual Update page. 

Release Highlights

In preparation for the Pilot Site release on March 1st, a Pilot-Release Notes Summary - with links to change specifications, new data field information, updated Data Dictionaries, and the latest Download Client transfer jar file - will be posted to allow colleges to begin updating to their downloads and workflow processes, during the 30 day Pilot preview period.

Meanwhile, below are a few highlights from this release.

OpenCCC Student Account System

  • An update to the user interface and overall look and feel of the OpenCCC Account system;
  • New data field checkbox question is being added to the Permanent Address section to support the AB 801: Homeless Youth mandate

CCCApply Standard Application

  • A new data field question and Area B logic change is being added to the Residency page in support of AB 801 Homeless Youth
  • New system-generated email reminders will now be sent out to students who begin an application, but do not submit, after 24 hours and once again after 7 days if the application is still not submitted
  • A new API web service is being developed linking the Statewide Student Identifier System (SSID) with CCCApply
  • A new API web service is being developed to support articulation with and CCCApply
  • Two new response options are being added to the Award Type field (college configured field) to indicate if a Major is a BA or BS degree.

2017-2018 BOG Fee Waiver Application

  • New questions, data fields, and Income logic supporting AB 801: Homeless Youth for students under 25)
  • New BOG Eligibilities Flag D for eligible Homeless Youth under 25 yrs
  • Updated Method B Income Table
  • Missing skip logic is added for students pre-determined to be residents;

Bug Fixes & Other Changes

  • Hover help language fix in the High School & College School Finder tools
  • Supplemental Question fields will now appear in the Rules tab of the Administrator for International Applications

Stay Informed!

Follow the CCCApply category page on the CCC College Support Site to stay up-to-date on release activities.