2016 Annual Update

Release planning 430x358The 2016 CCCApply Annual Update release was deployed to users on Thursday, March 31, at 6:00 pm PST. The code was released on the Pilot site (beta) on March 4, 2016, for college review and implementation.

Annual Report: See the 2016 CCCApply Annual Report for change specifications and release notes.

Data Dictionary: Visit the Documentation page for the latest version of the CCCApply Data Dictionaries and User Guides. The 2016 Annual Update changes are documented in the 2016 CCCApply Standard Application Data Dictionary V.2016.1.

2016 Release Timeline & Activities

The schedule for the 2016 Annual Update release activities is outlined in the table below. Like most years, the 2016 release was scheduled for a Friday evening at the end of March. Communication to colleges began on January 10 and the release was held on March 27, 2016. Read the new CCCApply communication policy.

For general information about the annual CCCApply Update, and/or the CCCApply change management approval process, see the CCCApply Annual Update page. 

View the College Preview Webinars

Click here to see the 2016 College Preview Webinars - the recorded audio-video from the CCCApply Annual Update & International Application, and accompanying slide decks.